Is “what to wear” a worry for you?


If so, I can help you with that.



 My name is Rosie and I am a multi-award winning Personal Stylist  

and I am passionate about taking the stress out of getting dressed


Since my session, all of my family and friends have noticed the difference in my confidence – I feel I have gone back to being the old me “pre-children” which was a woman full of confidence and happy in her own skin – don’t get me wrong – I’m no supermodel! – but I am just making the most of how I can look so that I look my best…..I felt I had gained a whole new ‘armour’ for looking my best for my new job.



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*Survey taken March 2017. Results shown of 32 respondees.

Tips To Creating A Wardrobe of Outfits You Love

Discover Your “Signature Style”

Whether you like clothes with pattern or plain, whether you like bright colour or prefer neutrals or if you love frills and ruffles are all keys to finding your “Signature Style”

Learn what really suits YOU!

Dressing with confidence is about highlighting the bits of your body you love whilst hiding the areas you feel more self-conscious of. Team this with the knowledge of knowing the colours that really suit you and you are good to go!

Shop Strategically

To create a wardrobe of outfits you love without spending a fortune you need to go shopping with a list of items in mind. No buying something in desperation, or because “it will do”, or even because you love it but don’t consider what you have to go with it! Its just like shopping for a meal recipe – but WAY more fun!

Understand When to Splurge and When to Save

Unless we win the lottery, most of us cannot afford to replace our entire wardrobes each season. The key to a really flexible wardrobe is knowing when to spend on an investment item – and when to save on items that you are happy to recycle at the end of the season.

The best thing since working with Rosie is that I love the clothes in my wardrobe and getting dressed is now fun rather than stressful! In addition, I now understand how to combine my colours, make much more use of the items in my wardrobe and I can create outfits I love to wear.



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