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Are you ready to invest in “brand you” to assist in opening up the opportunities that you want – and deserve?

If you are serious about your career or business ambitions, then you need to be serious about everything you do.

That includes taking control of your image to ensure that it is setting you up for success.

It also means taking care of you! And that means fuelling your body to ensure that it has the energy to power you through your day.

This is not only about how others perceive you, its also about how you perceive yourself! Imagine feeling body confident, energised AND dressed for success! Could it make you feel more confident, more willing to step up, unstoppable?

What would that mean for your career, you clients, your business, your Team?

By combining my skills as a Stylist and a Health Coach, I am able to work with you to discover what works for your unique body – both outside and inside. I honestly believe that we are all unique. What food gives one person energy will sap energy in another. An outfit that looks great on one person will not work on someone else. What one person loves, another may dislike. We are all different;  so, I take you on a journey to discover what is perfect for YOU!

My system is a fully supported step-by-step programme of services which has been designed to ensure you optimise your investment and get the best results.


Let’s create you a wardrobe that sets you up for success!

The goal here is not about fashion, this is about creating a style and a wardrobe of clothes that sets you up for success.

This is about your appearance projecting an image of you that makes visible all the great things about working with you to clients, colleagues and the CEO.

It is about giving you the skills to enable you to dress strategically for your day giving you both confidence and a competitive edge.

Because the reality is that in business, getting dressed is about so more than clothes!


Build new healthy habits that get you results now – & for the future!

For many, the way we feel about our body, is undeniably linked to our confidence. It can mean that we want to blend in rather than stand out and hold us back from our achieving our goals.

Yo-yo dieting, grabbing food at Service Stations and skipping meals can all take its toll on our weight, our energy levels and our health, both now and in the long-term.

Without diets or meal plans, I will help you to create new healthy habits so you take back control of your diet, reach your health goals, grow in confidence and increase your energy.


Balance your life to have the time & energy to do what you need to succeed!

When life gets busy it can feel like you are just running from one task to another – in your personal and your professional life.

But when life is out of balance, good intentions get forgotten, unhealthy habits creep in and you can put yourself to the bottom of the priority list in order to get everything done.

As part of my programs, I will work with you to make small changes that will gradually create more balance in your life so you can take more time for you and what you love. But the great thing is, when you make positive changes, the people around you do too so everyone wins!

What a life-transforming adventure it has been working with Rosie…it has been transformational in terms of my confidence when I attend business development meetings, summits and networking events, etc. I feel much brighter and more energised.

I would highly recommend Rosie

Andi Lonnen

Founder, The Finance Training Academy

Style VIP Day

Want to know the how?

1 day of Style Coaching taking place in your home. Covers everything from make-up, colours & clothing styles that are perfect for your professional life to a wardrobe edit including recommendations on any items you need.

Health Programme

1-2-1 Health Coaching

12 weekly calls with me to discover the foods that give you energy – and those that don’t; the old habits and behaviours that are holding you back and the creation of new habits and strategies that will make you healthier for the long-term.

Style Programme

Want to learn step-by-step?

A fully supported step-by-step programme that walks you through everything you need to know in 6 structured sessions. Includes a Personal Shopping experience to add pieces to your wardrobe create your capsule of work outfits.

Style & Health 

Look great, feel great!

Combine a Style VIP Day and the 1-2-1 Health Coaching over a 3 month period to take control of both your style and your health. A Personal Shopping experience can be added as an extra if required.

Style Concierge

Just want it sorted?

All I need is 2 half days of your time – the first for me to gather the information I need and the second is a session for you to try on what I have purchased for you. Everything else I do for you, including handling any returns.

Style & Health Premium

The Premium Programme

For those where time contraints are holding them back this combine the Style Concierge Program with the 1-2-1 Health Coaching for a powerful programe to get great results whilst minimising the impact on your time.

With over 20 years’ experience working in and with Retail and Distribution companies in the IT sector, I know first-hand how important image can be – not only how we are perceived by others but how we perceive ourselves. I also understand how challenging it can be to look after our health whilst working hard to fulfil our ambitions. I have been there – and it’s why I do what I do!

My name is Rosie and I am a Personal Stylist & Health Coach who just loves to work with women in business and show them how they can take control of their image and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is so they can feel more confident, full of energy and look after their long-term health whilst working hard – without surgeries, fad diets or wardrobes full of clothes! 

As a qualified and multi-award winning Personal Stylist I can help you to create a flexible wardrobe of effortless work outfits that not only look great on you but meets your aspirations and sets you up for success – no matter your age, shape or size! And as a qualified Health Coach, I can assist you in forming new life-long healthy habits so that you can make changes that will have long-term benefits, gain you more energy and help you to feel fabulous too!

In June 2018, I launched my first book, Find Your Style, Find Your Confidence (Because Getting Dressed is about More Than Just Clothes) which helps to explain what I do and how I work with my style clients, as well as giving some great style hints and tips along the way.

What a life-transforming adventure it has been working with Rosie…it has been transformational in terms of my
confidence when I attend business development meetings, summits and networking events, etc. I feel much brighter and more energised.

I would highly recommend Rosie

Andi Lonnen


I have tons more energy, I am not interested in eating sugary foods anymore and have lost weight in the process too! Rosie is a brilliant stylist, helping me to look great from the outside in. I’d highly recommend Rosie to help you build your confidence and change how you feel about yourself for the better!

Sandra Green

Cheshire, The Women Leaders Association

Rosie has made a huge impact on both my professional and personal life…My clients comment regularly on how well I am looking and it’s all thanks to Rosie.

Giving women confidence is what she does making us feel part of the conversation.

I would highly recommend Rosie.

Jean Atkinson


Excellent styling from head to toes! Rosie send me specific dresses from the internet that suit me, send me the colour pallet that fits me and matching lipsticks. We even picked up the colour of my tights and nails Loved it!!

Thank you sooooo much Rosie for your time and professionalism!

Jill Douka (Styled for TV Appearances)

Greece, Global Academy of Coaching

Only half way through the 90 day program and I have already achieved 2 out of the 3 goals that we set in the first session and I am well on my way to achieving the third – and the thing is, none of this has been hard! One of the best things though is that the changes that I have made are also positively impacting the whole family and we are all healthier as a result!



This course really is life changing Thank you so much…. 

All of my family and friends have noticed the difference in my confidence – I feel I have gone back to being the old me “pre-children” which was a woman full of confidence and happy in her own skin…..



If you would like to know more, I would love to hear from you!