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Is It Time To Stop Feeling Invisible?

I recently found an old newspaper article that discussed a survey in which results showed that women noticed that they started feeling invisible at age 46.  The survey showed that women felt that around this age they received less compliments and gestures such as doors being held open for them; which when life is supposed to start at 40, seems a bit unfair! However, the poll also showed that by the age of 60, confidence had returned. But what are supposed to do for 14 years? Just stay hidden? Absolutely not! And your wardrobe could hold the key!

You see, one of the reasons that women can start to feel invisible around this age is that as we get older, our hair starts to grey so we appear less bright than we did in our late teens and early when we are at our brightest.  As grey is a less noticeable colour than a dark brown or bright blonde, as we start to grey, our hair stands out less than our younger counterparts with their bright colouring. And dying our hair back to its natural colour is not the answer as it can just look harsh against our skin. The key is to speak to your hairdresser and find a colour that looks amazing on the woman you are today. It might be softer and lighter than you are used to, but it will make you look and feel amazing!

However, it is not just the pigment in our hair colour that fades; it is also the pigment in our eye colour and skin. This is why the strong lipstick and bright colours that we used to wear, can start to look harsh on us as we get older and can make us look drained rather than healthy. It is also why Colour Consultants advice people to get their “colours done” every 10 years to check that they are still working for you and so we can make adjustments as necessary and keep you looking gorgeous!

So, what can we do to ensure that we stay visible? Simply change the colours that we wear to match they new natural colouring of your physical characteristics. To find if a colour is too bright for you, simply hold it up against you in a mirror. Close your eyes and when you open them, check whether you see the colour or your face first. If it is the colour, then the chances are that the colour is too bright for you. What we want is for the colour to work in harmony with you so it enhances your face – which means peoples attention will be drawn there – which means if they are looking there, they are not looking at your tummy or whatever part of your body you would like to disguise……

Think about makeup too! The bright pink that you wore in your twenties may no longer be the right pink for you but there will a pink that looks amazing on you! It is just going to take some experimentation to find it.

As for styles that suit your new body shape; don’t get in a tizz about the size label. Its not about dressing your size, it is about dressing your body shape. Dressing with confidence is all about dressing in a way that highlights the great parts of your body and that hides the areas that make you feel self conscious and us Stylists have all kinds of tricks to help you to hide tummies, help make bottoms and hips look smaller, busts look bigger- or smaller and disguise bingo wings. Not only does knowing this make shopping easier and quicker; it also makes shopping fun as you can quickly and easily pick out the items that suit you.

No matter your age, if you start to notice changes, don’t let this period of your life make you feel invisible! Don’t blend in by wearing beige’s or neutral colours nor opt for clothes that hide your figure. Instead, take action and look upon it as a period of adjustment and a chance to review your wardrobe. An opportunity to try something new. Make it fun by going on shopping trips with friends in the same situation and discovering your new look together.

And if you are unsure of where to start or are struggling, don’t do nothing! Find a Stylist or Image Consultant that understands how you are feeling and can help you find your way back to style confidence! I like nothing better than helping someone start a new chapter in their lives; in fact, it’s why I do – and why I love – my job!