Excellent styling from head to toes! We even picked the colour of my tights and nails  Loved it!!

You are a superstar!!! Have no words to thank you!

Jill Douka - Life Coach and Author

Styled for TV appearances in Greece, www.jilldouka.com

Special event coming up but the worry of what to wear is getting you down?


This is your time to shine, let’s get you an outfit that makes you look and feel gorgeous so you can relax and enjoy your special day!


In order for you to be relaxed the day, you need to be wearing an outfit that not only looks amazing on you, but also feels comfortable and “like you”. When it’s right, it makes you feel like a million dollars but when you get it wrong, you can feel self-conscious, uncomfortable and desperately wanting to hide from the limelight.

For those ladies wanting to ensure that they get the perfect outfit(s), I have created 3 different packages ranging from preparation only right through to Personal Shopping and on-the-day styling so you can just select the services that you need.