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I see this so many times with clients that no matter how chatty and giggly they are when they arrive, when I ask them to get in front of the mirror so I can begin their consultation, for some, everything changes. The head goes down and the giggling stops. For some of my clients, this simple task can be a real challenge. When they look in the mirror, they look for the flaws and the things that they don’t like about themselves. They point out the wrinkles, the dark circles under the eyes and the blemishes. What they don’t see are the beautiful eyes, the healthy glowing skin and the gorgeous smile.

You see, this is where I think guys get lucky! As women, one of the first tasks we do every day is to stand in front of the mirror to look for our flaws so we can disguise them with make-up. We actually hunt out the under eye circles, the scars and the blemishes so that we can cover them with make-up. Guys, generally, get to avoid this daily routine. And the thing is, that if we are not careful, this negative self-talk can really impact our self-esteem and our confidence and lets be honest, that is not a great way to start our day.

You see, if we met a friend for lunch and she launched into how bad her wrinkles are, or the blemish on her cheek, I am guessing that we would go out of our way to reassure her and tell her how lovely she looked. We would point out her gorgeous smile or her sparkling eyes. We would tell her how great she looked. But when it comes to ourselves, we miss this out.

This weekend, I had the privilege to work with a lady who was in her mid 60’s and she had the most beautiful skin and incredible piercing eyes, but all she could tell me about was how she was ageing with wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. She just did not see what I, or her daughter who accompanied her, saw. If she had told me she was 46 I would have believed her! She agreed with me that when she looked in a mirror, she looked for the negatives and she agreed to try to stop and instead, point out the positives whilst applying her make-up.

So, January is a time to make a new start and this is my task for you. When you put on your make-up each day, by all means, look for and disguise the flaws because that in itself gives us confidence, but also, talk to yourself as if you are your own best friend. Find the positives and tell yourself how lovely you look and lets start the day on a completely different note.