With so much information and so many diets out there, just what do you need to do get get healthier and more energised?

In just 90 days I will help you to cut through the confusion to discover EXACTLY what YOU need to do to hit your health goals so you can look and feel fabulous in your 40’s, 50’s and beyond.

Your body is amazing! Let’s face it, you couldn’t engineer it if you tried!

However, your mid-life body may not look or feel like you want it too, and that is where I can help!

But you are unique, so in order for you to achieve your health goals, we need to understand what the secrets of success are for YOU!

Right from when in school, the human body has fascinated me with its ability to grow, recover and heal. It really is amazing! But in order to function at its best, your body needs the correct fuel – just like your car.

The truth is that the foods that we eat can make us feel energised – or wanting to sit down and snooze. I know because this is my story. Only a few years ago, an hour after eating breakfast, I could quite happily have gone back to bed; my energy completely lacking. And the thing is, I was eating a healthy diet so it just didn’t make sense.

Lucky for me, my interest in health made me look at what I was eating and I decided to make a few simple changes and it wasn’t long before my energy levels began to increase and I felt so much better.

My training as a Health Coach has taught me that we are all different and that what works for one person, may not be the answer for someone else so even if you are eating what is deemed as healthy, it may not be the right foods for you leaving you struggling to reach your health goals.

Long-term health happens by creating  healthy habits because once it’s a habit, it’s just what you do – without thinking.

As a Health Coach, that is EXACTLY what I help you to do.


My program is not a diet or a food plan. That is not what my role as Health Coach is and is not what I do.

What you will get working with me is discovering the foods that give your body energy and coaching to create new life-long healthy habits that will empower you to reach your goals – and keep them in the long-term.

The 90 Day Revitalise your Health Program

Here is what you will receive in the 90 Day Program….

Weekly 1-2-1 Private Sessions

Each week you will receive a 1 hour private coaching session with me via phone or Skype. You will set and review your goals, discover how to become healthier and become accountable for taking action so you can be successful.

Discover what works for YOU!

What works for friends and family members may not be what works for you leaving you struggling to lose weight and get healthy. I will help you to discover what is right for you so you can at last reach your health goals.

Create new healthy habits

Most of us know what to do to get healthy…but we don’t do it. I will work with you to discover where new healthy habits need to be implemented and help you to build these into your everyday life so they become just something that you do.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Life can get frantic and we are all human so you may encounter challenges on your journey to health. Plus, a new habit can take time to bed in. So I will help you to get strategies put in place enabling you to set yourself up for success.

Only half way through the 90 day program and I have already achieved 2 out of the 3 goals that we set in the first session and I am well on my way to achieving the third – and the thing is, none of this has been hard! One of the best things though is that the changes that I have made are also positively impacting the whole family and we are all healthier as a result!



Ready to make a change and revitalise your health?

Get clear on how YOU can become healthier and more energised

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