I couldn’t imagine how you were going to work the miracle I felt I needed when you were working with the same shops that I go to and the same size body that I’ve been unsuccessfully trying to dress! You did it!! Amongst tears of joy, hugs and laughter (and a little bit of jumping up and down!) you helped me find a brand new capsule wardrobe. Everything mixes and matches and I feel great in it all.  It’s such a lovely feeling to be able to open the wardrobe and choose rather than sigh. I really can’t thank you enough.



Lost when it comes to your style? Dislike the clothes you own?


Yes! You can have a wardrobe of outfits that make you look fabulous and and feel confident NO MATTER your age, shape or size!

Be the envy of your friends and family and get dressed every day knowing that you are going to look gorgeous! You can go about your day with confidence and not worry that you have got it wrong “again”, wishing that you had worn something else leaving you wanting to fade into the background – or even worse, wishing you had stayed at home!


Whilst getting ready each day is hard enough, the thought of getting dressed for something more special is really difficult for you. You may even have been one of the 14% of women who have refused to go out as they could not find something to wear. You have friends and colleagues that make it look like child’s play! So, why can’t you?

You may have asked friends and family for help, but the chances are that what works for them will not be right for you; we are all different!

You may consider using an in-store Personal Shopper but they are limited to what they have in their store and you worry that the clothes they suggest for you may not make you feel confident and, well not like you!

You may try to sort this out on your own but shopping leaves you feeling overwhelmed as there are so many options, you just don’t know where to start! You find the whole experience exhausting as you the trawl the stores feeling increasingly frustrated even though you may add items to your basket, worried you are getting it wrong, you leave the store empty handed or you buy something that “will do” but once you get it home, it leaves you feeling disappointed.

You may think that the reason you struggle is because you have gained some weight, you think you have an awkward body shape or just that stores just do not cater for women of your age. I promise you, you can dress in a way that you love and that makes you feel like a million dollars even if you are a few sizes larger than you want to be, your body shape has completely changed and you are a great-grandmother!

You see looking stylish has nothing to do with age, shape or size! I have successfully worked with ladies of all sizes, all shapes and aged in their 30’s to their 60′ and above. There is nothing wrong with you! You just need someone to help you make sense of it all so you can dress for the woman you are today.

Would you rather keep trying to sort this out on your own getting increasingly frustrated, down-hearted and making expensive mistakes or would you like to get help from an expert who knows this stuff inside out and can remove all the stress from getting dressed and make going shopping a breeze?

Imagine how it would feel to just quickly grab an outfit from your wardrobe and know that it looks great on you instead of standing there desperately trying to find something to wear only to try on several items just to remove them and throw them all over the bed feeling increasingly frustrated!

You see, I LOVE working with women just like you and I would LOVE to help! I have devised a program just for you that will give you everything that you need. Some of us (like me!) are “information junkies” and want all the knowledge, whilst other do not want the information, they just want results! So I have created 3 different options for you to chose from that will take you from where you are to where you want to be. All 3 options are designed to give you all the help you need so you can dress with confidence and ease, whatever the occasion. 

What a difference it makes to open my wardrobe and know that I have 20+ combinations I know will look great. No more piles of discarded clothes on the bed each morning, and I have received loads of compliments on the colours I’m wearing. I never thought I’d be wearing hot pink trousers at 58 years old but I love them! Thank you so much for taking me outside my comfort zone and getting me out of my jeans with a whole new casual look.




I’ve always been a bit confused with what clothes actually suited me as a person. I had a full wardrobe but was never sure if the styles or colours that I had, did anything for me. Since finding Rosie on the internet, I can now say that I don’t waste any money on clothes that are just ‘alright’ I now know which direction I am going in and how to make the clothes/colours work for ME!

I would be happy to speak to anyone who was like me, and now wants to improve their appearance and confidence and wants to know what working with Rosie is like. I can genuinely say, it was money truly well spent! Thanks soooo much x



Getting dressed should be easy, right?

I am a 51, almost 52 year old woman who has always been overweight. I am a wife, mother of two teenagers, one of whom is disabled and work full time as a Senior Secretary and unfortunately, although I come across as confident in my work and do try to look smart I, have never really bothered with my appearance in the past, and things for the house, husband and boys always seemed to come first. As long as I was clean, tidy and comfortable that was all that mattered and I just made do. Thanks to Rosie’s enthusiasm and encouragement…. even though I am still overweight, I realised just because I am overweight, have a loving family, even though it can be challenging and work full time in a demanding job, I can once again enjoy clothes shopping, take pride in my appearance and have more confidence and do something for ME for a change….. It can and will change your perspective on life.



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