As I am always on show; be it delivering a consultancy session or speaking in front of hundreds of delegates, it was important that I portray my personal brand in the right way. My sessions with Rosie have enabled me to gain confidence, bring my personality to life and have a real presence in front of my audience (although those who know me will say I have that anyway)! The process has definitely led to more work for the business which is amazing.


Managing Director,

Could upgrading your image be the key to additional revenue and new opportunities?


With just seconds to make a first impression; in business, what you are wearing isn’t just saying things about you – it is shouting it across the Boardroom!

Leverage your image to maximise business opportunities and give yourself a competitive edge!


You know that you deliver a high standard of work and achieve the best results but you are concerned that you may not currently be getting the opportunities that you want. Promotions and new clients may have passed you by and when you look around at colleagues and peers, you are aware that maybe your image needs to be reviewed to ensure that you are presenting the very best version of yourself. In a climate where competition is fierce, you want to be sure you are getting it right but you really do not know where to start.

Whether you are stepping away form Corporate life to set-up your own business, an Entrepreneur going into new markets or are climbing the Corporate ladder, this program will give you what you need to know to use your image to your advantage and always portray the very best of working with you.

You will discover how to leave a great first impression, how to portray your professional values through your image and how to be noticed for all the right reasons!

And don’t worry, this is not just about putting everyone in a suit as this may just not be appropriate for you, but we will define your very own Executive Image; one created just for you based on your industry, your strengths and how you would like to be perceived.

Stand out from your competitors for all the right reasons. Be the one that everyone talks about and give yourself that competitive edge!

As a ‘typical accountant’, I had happily worn a simple but smart black suit with white top for the last 20 years. Now I run an international training company and am involved in business development meetings, delivering training and speaking at high profile conferences, etc., I realised I needed to upgrade my image.

It has been a tremendously fun experience! And it has been transformational in terms of my confidence when I attend business development meetings, summits and networking events, etc. I feel much brighter and more energised. I would highly recommend Rosie to anyone looking to undergo the same transformation as me – you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!




My reason for visiting Rosie was that I’d had fifteen years away from a career workplace whilst raising three children and felt very out of date and wore very little make up and felt quite unconfident. My new job was quite demanding in terms of having to have a good appearance – presenting to new customers and being at the front of trade show stands etc so it was important to look my best. Since my session, all of my family and friends have noticed the difference in my confidence – I feel I have gone back to being the old me “pre-children” which was a woman full of confidence and happy in her own skin…I felt I had gained a whole new ‘armour’ for looking my best for my new job.



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