“Before working with Rosie, I had 6 wardrobes.I was suffering from overwhelm to the point where I was actually only wearing a handful of the items I owned. I now have only 1 wardrobe and a set of drawers and I love the clothes I’ve kept. I wear much more flattering shapes, I feel sexier and more like ‘me’ again.”



Would you rather start your day with the same confidence sapping routine of trying on several outfits and throwing them on the bed before reaching for the same dull, old outfit OR

would you prefer to learn from a style expert and leave the house each day looking great and feeling confident?

Be the envy of your friends and colleagues with these packages of styling services.

Special Event Invite but Nothing to Wear?

Worrying about what to wear at your special event? Help is at hand with a range of services all packaged up to ensure that you get exactly the help you need! From make-up and hair right through to shopping to find the perfect outfit. You pick the service that is right for you.

Launch A Brand New, Confident You!

Does getting dressed leave you stressed out? This step-by-step package of services will enable you to dress in a way that you always look stylish, appropriate and feel fabulous – without the drama! Launch a brand new confident you!

Because In Business; Image Matters!

In Business, your appearance does not just say a lot about you – it is shouting! If you are worried that your image is letting you down and this is affecting your self-esteem, this package is for you! Discover how to dress for success and be remembered for all the right reasons!


“By changing my wardrobe round it gave me the confidence to even change my “safe, part-time” job up and go back to a rewarding, exciting career of which I am still loving and feedback just this Friday from my boss is that I am invaluable!! …Thank you for helping me get back to the real me!”



Ready to Find Out More?

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